Management Information System - Mechanical (Previous 3-years Question Paper)

Management Information System previous year question paper for mechanical engineering, Btech Previous three years question papers for mechanical engineering, KUK

2011 - KUK

The Question pattern - Attempt any five Questions , All Question carry equal marks.

Q1. Write brief note on the following:
(a) Systems view of business.
(b) Decission Support systems. 2011, 2012

Q2. How does MIS help in decissioin making ? How does organisation behaviour influence MIS.?

Q3. Write briefly on the following:
(a) Information needs
(b) Detailed conceptual designs.

Q4. Explain different steps in implementing MIS. Also describe documentation done in such cases.

(a) How is MIS detailed design managed in a project.? what are its aims.?
(b) Briefly describe the concept of dominant and trade-off criteria.

Q6. With suitable cases, explain information flow and detailed operating sub-systems.

Q7. Write briefly on the following:
(a) The TARPIT
(b) Pitfalls in MIS development.

Q8. Write briefly on the following:
(a) Planning space layouts.
(b) Documentation and system testing

2012 - KUK

The Question pattern - Attempt any five Questions , Selecting atleast one from each Unit .

Q1. Same as 2011

Q2. Give a detailed account of basic information systems and how MIS assists in decision making?

Q3. Discuss different system objectives and how are these affected by defined problems and various system constraints? How is the efficency of a MIS system affected by various system objectives and system constarints?

Q4. Discuss various steps in developing alternative detailed conceptual designs. How can these be documented?

Q5. Explain the following:
(a) Early system testing.
(b) Role of substems in enhancing efficiancy of MIS.

Q6. Describe in detail, various parts of a proposal for an organisation to operate the system. Also describe some hardware and software tools used for MIS.

Q7. Discuss various features of space layouts for implementing MIS and also exlplain computer related acquistions for developing a MIS.

Q8. Explain various steps in evalution and maintainenance of a MIS control system. What do you mean by soft spots in planning of MIS?

2013 - KUK

The Question pattern - Attempt any five Questions , Selecting atleast one from each Unit .

Q1. Discuss the synergy of MIS and systems approach. Also describe MIS organization within systems approach.

Q2. Write breifly on:
(a) MIS for general business planning
(b) Basic Information Systems.

Q3. Write breifly on:
(a) Information needs
(b) System Constarints

Q4. Discuss the concept of System objectives. How is a conceptual design report prepared?

Q5. How is project management of MIS design carried our.? How are dominant and trade-off criteria identified?

Q6. How is an organisation for an operating system proposed? How is degree of automation for MIS operations determined?

Q7. Write briefly on:
(a) Space Layouts
(b) Training for MIS operations.

Q8. What are various pitfalls in MIS development? Discuss methods for information dissemination?

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