Creation and features of Java

Creation of java was a boom in programming industry it redefined how you can program how you can code. Developers love java, want to know how it come into existance read on.

Java was an Idea from Sun microsystem(Now in Oracle). The Idea was to provide a common platform for the application and remove the adoo to compile the code for different platforms. So the Team of James Gosling, started to develop a new language which would work on all the platforms without need to recompile the code. And they come up with a solution.


This solution was named “Virtual Machine”, this was a software which was different for the each machine but the code that it runs was same and need not to be compiled again. the first version of this new language was developed within 18 months and was named ‘Oak’. After some time or say years this was renamed to ‘Java’. Now java was a language which you can run on desktop or Internet and even on Microdevices.


The magic of java was started and started with a very small range of libraries the java keep growing and from java first ever version from sun microsystems now Oracle has officially announced java 8.


Java is now everywhere you can dream of, micromachines to world wide web.

When you Install a JRE on your system the installation says “X million” devices run java. Well that means java is quite widespread. And as we know that this is era of the Internet, it is obvious that java is also on the Internet. So let us have a brief discussion of how java is important for the internet.


The internet provide you access to world and thus there are also bad people on the internet who keeps on try to intrude your systems. So to prevent that intrusion, java really helps out. How does java do that.


Lets see how java is important and what services it provides for Internet.


1. Security: Java is well known for its security, however there was a time and it is a counter talk that the Java applets are still considered as security threat but there have been several improvement in these since 1995. So all in all as the java code that runs is bytecode so there is no threat of injection or virus in that.

2. Speed: Compared to CGI scripts the java is faster for internet technology. As the parsing is done only once and the same code runs on the server for serving request.

3. Applications flexibility: With The flexibility that java gives us for the development, you  can make different type of application in it. For example most of the payment gateway and banking softwares for internet are made in java.

4. Intension of java: Truly speaking the java was intended to extend the scope of web development right after its few starting versions.

5. Performance of Machine: The server running the java server software are known to be better in request serving and handling more number of request simultaneously.

6. Continuous Enhancement: With the huge online community and continuous improvement in the language and growing libraries the Internet programming is touching new skies.