How to change default selection color in ubuntu

Ubunut is amazing but the old Ambiance theme gets boaring with the same orange color for ages, Now this tutorial tells you how you can change it to reflect the color of your choice

I like the default theme in the Ubuntu, but the orange color that shows the selection is kind of boring. And I like th blue color rather than that. So here is the little trick that I used to change the color to blue.

You need to be able to change it easily without going into the complex file structure. So here is what you need, The Configuration Editor, however there are other options available like the Ubuntu tweak, but this one here is kind of intermediate level tool. And provide you access of the configuration and understanding the system too. Basically it allows you to change the system database without effecting other important things.

To download either you go to software center and search for: "dconf Editor".


or type this command.

sudo apt-get dconf-tools


after installation search "dconf" and open it. you'll see something like this:


Now navigate to following:

org -> gnome -> desktop -> interface

There you'll see the "gtk-color-scheme". Now the string is something like this,


Now just change the color code for the "selected_bg_color" to the one you want.

And you're done!
Quite simple isn't it ?
Hope you like it, feel free to leave your comments !