18 notes available for JavaScript.

Using HTML5 web storage features(localStorage and sessionStorage)

Cookies are the old friends of web developer as they allow a lot of flexiblity due to the local storage of data, but with HTML5 we get two new client side storage features. localStorage and sessionStorage are two new HTML5 features, these allow the storage of data on the client end with allowing flexiblity of storing data as long as developer(using program itself)/user doesn't clean it off or with the end of browser session.

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Selectors in JavaScript - How to access DOM

This article is about the selectors in JavaScript, you might already have seen the selectors in CSS, here we illustrate the selectors and from starting to end and what has been made of their future. These selectors are what has been used in JQuery also.

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JavaScript function and their types

This is basic tutorial about function in Javascript. Here we demonstrate the types of function and where could they be used. We are mentioning function, callback function, method and anonymous function.

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Introduction to JavaScript Objects

JavaScript is not an old torn off language for web anymore, HTML 5 has accepted it and that too as a standard, JavaScript has been evolving since its beginning and no matter what anyone say, it has ruled the client side scripting world. Here we introduce and explain a lot more about its OOP feature and its Object notation.

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Break and Continue concept in JavaScript

Break and continue are two very well known keywords since past two decades but yet these are a trouble for new programmers, so in this article we cover the break and continue statements with example. Break is used to break the block and continue is used to skip and move back to start of the block.

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