4 notes available for PHP.

Using CURL with PHP

CURL is not widely known technology but in some cases it may come as handy for example in case you want any user to provide a file download instead of the page show or to create a page which is completely depending on some other page, thus knowing a technology is handy, who knows when it come to use.

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Using JSON with PHP

JSON is an excellent mean for data transfer over the http, it is getting more popularity day by day so here we present a little overview of how you can use JSON with PHP one of most popular combination on the web world these days.

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Syntax Highlighter plugin for YII based Blog or website

If you are a programming blogger or you need to provide some code reference into your blog or website, it is always good to add up an extension for syntax highlighting, it makes your code example stand out. in this tutorial we provide a step by step reference of how you can do it in YII based blog or website

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