Frequently Asked Questions

What is Examsmyantra?

Examsmyantra is an ultimate notes spot for our student friends. We provide notes and all the content we provide is genuine and we make sure our team creates valuable content for you. Compiled from various sources our notes are to the point and there is no rubbish in our content. We assure you that the content we provide is original but we do refer several other resources to compile the notes. However our registered users may upload their own notes in the system, and they can share this with other users too.

How do I register on Examsmyantra?

On the top right on home page or on the header of other page you will find sign-up/login link. On clicking it will take you to login/sign-up page where you can sign-up by filling in your personal details.

I forgot my password, is it possible to log in without password?

You can not log in without your password, However if you have forgot your password you can recover it or reset your password, by clicking on forgot password link provided with login form. This will ask you, your registered email and will send you a password reset link in your mail box.

I am facing some problem and its not in FAQ what should I do?

We have tried to answer all the most common questions asked by our users in FAQ section, however if you don't find solution of your problem in this section. You can always use our contact us section to post us any of your queries.

How do Examsmyantra treats my personal information which I provide in my profile?

Examsmyantra respect your privacy, and you can always read on this in our privacy policy section.

How do I find the notes I am looking for?

There are two possible ways in which you can look for the notes you are looking for. first on the header of website you will find the search field. you just type in your query in the form of keywords or phrase this will look in for the relevant notes for you based on those keyword or phrases. Second option is that you can do a subject based lookup this is provided in the sidebar in our website.

My relevant subject is not in EM what should I do?

We are new and are growing, it is possible that the subject or notes you are looking up may not be in our database. If so you can simply post us a query or request regarding your notes.

I can't find notes in ExamsMyantra that I am looking for, could you help me?

Yes, we are here to help you. We are new and growing, Notes you are looking for may not yet exist in our database, however you are most welcome to post us your request in our contact/feedback section.

I don't understand how to use Examsmyantra, is there any tutorial that could help me?

Using Examsmyantra is really simple, our site provide the navigation based menu and a good search engine to search our databases. There is no video tutorial yet, but we are soon going to launch our youtube channel too. which will provide you with the tutorial and updates.

What is the benefit if I subscribe for newsletter?

If you subscribe the newsletter, this will keep you up to date with what we are providing what notes we upload every week and what subjects are we posing in. In news letter we compile our weekly updates for the website and drop a quick overview to your mail box.

Why should I follow Examsmyantra on social networking sites like facebook or google plus?

Are you social? So are we !! Social networking is an excellent way to keep up with the day to day updates on what your friends and peers are doing. So, similarly if you subscribe us on Social networkings this will keep you up to date with what we are doing and what we are giving away.

Is there any way to share notes with my friends too?

Yes Of course! We believe that sharing is caring. You can share all that you read with your friends on all the popular social sites like facebook, google, linkedin, twitter and many more. We provide share this widgets on all our post articles.

How do I upload my own notes to share with others?

Once you sign up with examsmyantra you can post your own notes and upload notes to share with our other users. it simple and you get this facility in your profile after you log in.