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Q. How to restrict users to upload an attachment in servicenow

Following is the step wise step process:

  1. Navigate to System Properties > Security.
  2. In the Attachment limits and behavior section, locate the List of roles (comma-separated) that can create attachments: property (glide.attachment.role).
  3. Enter one or more roles separated by commas.
  4. Only roles listed in this property are able to upload attachments to a record. If no roles are entered, then all roles can upload attachments to ServiceNow forms.
  5. Click Save.

Q. What are Gauges ?

A gauge can be based on a report and can be put on a homepage or a content page.

Q. What do you mean by Metrics in ServiceNow?

Metrics record and measure the workflow of individual records. With metrics, customers can arm their process by providing tangible figures to measure, for example, how long it takes before a ticket is reassigned or changes state.

Q. How may types of search is available in ServiceNow ?

Use any of the following searches to find information in ServiceNow:

  1. Lists: find records in a list;
  2. Global text search: find records in multiple tables from a single search field.
  3. Knowledge base: find knowledge articles.
  4. Navigation filter: filter the items in the application navigator.
  5. Search screens: use a form­like interface to search for records in a table. Administrators can create these custom modules.

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