Apache JMeter

"5" questions available for Apache JMeter.

Q. What is Synchronizing timer ?

It is a timer which can create large amount of load by blocking some number of threads and releasing them when the blocked thread reaches a specific value.

Q. How to Save Response in the file?

The listener can be used to store response in a file. The file-format depends upon the response from the server.
/test: creates a test file inside the current directory in the path /test.

Q. Name and brief parameters to synchronising timer?

Name: It can be used to name the timer.
Number of simulated user to group by: The value in this field should be equal to the number of thread load that needs to be created. For e.g. if the value is 3 , then timer will block every thread until the number of blocked thread reaches 3 but as soon as it reaches 3 the thread will be release simultaneously. It is a mandatory field.
Timeout in milliseconds: This is the time by which the timer will wait before releasing any blocked threads. It is a mandatory field.

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