Terms of Service

We provide the study material for students doing technical and non technical studies. We try best to our knowledge to provide valuable content as this will prove helpful in preparation of examination. We do not charge any type of registration fee to register on our website(www.examsmyantra.com). There are no hidden charges from any of our users.

There are no spam mails sent out to our users in any way. The mails sent out are only related to change of our terms or policies, new content notification and any updates of new content. But these mails are only sent to our registered users only who subscribe to get updates from the website. However may ask users to take short surveys which will help us improve.

However anyone is welcome to register with us, We do not encourage any type of spamming or pornography as we are serving students under 18 year of age also. We Respect user's privacy and work user's information under our privacy policy only.

With any change of our privacy policy, user policy, disclaimer and terms/conditions of use we will notify all our registered user and that shall not be consider into spam even if user has not subscribed to our news letter.

We are here to help and share and we welcome all our users.


We are born to grow and here we are growing. The content is limited but genuine. We do ask our users to share content with us and with fellow students but we don't assure that the content shared by our registered user will be up to mark and 100% genuine or related to domain. We only take guarantee of our own content that we post.

However if we do refer some book or other website for any type of content reference or any type of resource we do mention the link to parent(referred) website or document at the bottom of the article. It is advised to all our user to verify the content shared by other users before trusting them blindly.

Condition of Use

However we don't charge any type of money from our users but we need money to grow and do more for our valuable clients. We request our users to donate us via paypal or some other third party method, also we sell advertisements. The basic term of use is that user shall have no objection on our advertisements as long as there is no pornography in them.

Users are allowed to comment on the articles and notes, thus we strictly prohibit the use of abusive language and objectionable content in any type of feedback.

Users are always welcome to contact us in any case or provide their valuable feedback, but again use of abusive language is prohibited.

Users are advised to use English to communicate as this will be easier to understand for fellow users.

Users are advised not to post any type of pornographic content in any possible manner, this may lead us to suspend user's account and block the ip address of user for future.

We are not hard on our users we welcome any type of feedback, however we strictly don’t encourage spamming in the form of feedback or comments, we will consider it as breach of our policy and terms of use and will take appropriate action.

We may conduct surveys for our improvement and to make user experience better. We request our users to take survey but they are not necessary for any of our user. We have News letter facility available for users but users are advised to not reply to mails send using address noreply@examsmyantra.com as there will be no response provided to user on that email.

Users are requested to not use our content in their own blog or website without taking permission or giving credits. If done so we will consider it as breach of copyright. Again, we compose and type our own content we do not copy it however we take references and we use images from other websites with a credit linked to page or website.

We exist to serve, we expect user to read our policies and conditions to use before registering with us. If you have any query regarding our work or website please try our FAQ section first and if not satisfied with answers there feel free to contact us.